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History of The IGA

Humble Beginnings

Little is known of the extensive history of Glolf, however a few things are know of the inception of the IGA, Internet Glolf Association. The Manager is credited with founding the IGA; however there are present theories that an unknown entity, ominously referred to as "The Instigator", is responsible.

Past Opens

The First IGA Open

Winner: Load Bearing Coconut

The Second IGA Open

Winner: Frankle Knives

The Third IGA Open

Winner: Spooks McGee

The Fourth IGA Open

Winner: Line Cook

The Fifth IGA Open

Winner: The 12th Herb And Spice

The Sixth IGA Open

Winner: The Spakistan Sputters

The Seventh IGA Open

Winner: Dog dad

The Eighth IGA Open/The Monopoly Tour

Winner: Hellstorm Lafayette

Quirks and Inconsistencies

The Arbuckling

Event in its infancy, glolf encountered some of the oddities associated with its creation. Numerous glolfers had lost had had half of their names and identities briefly before it was resolved by the IGA. For more information, see The Arbuckling.

The A🦊alypse

The IGA introduced a new player with a penchant for 'ripping holes in the fabric of reality' named 1. Known largely by its 🦊 signature, 1 had soon become infamous. For more information, see The Afoxalypse.

The Grand Unchip

During the first IGA Open, a player named Simulacrum hit a 40-tile-long chip that led to the first hole in spacetime, and them and fellow player Solar Dies leaving the course. For more information, see The Grand Unchip.